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Home Breed info Our dogs Puppies Gallery News Contact Nay-Nay is our sensitive princess. She is careful not to step in mud and puddles, she is very clean and orderly but not delicate. She is the pleaser in the family and would do just about anything for you. She loves to cuddle, sleeps in the bed with us and just loves to hang out without getting in the way. Naya is the most driven PON girl we’ve ever had, her favorite game is “keep away”. She takes a toy that someone else wants and because she is magnificently agile and coordinated, even if the other two gang up on her, she is able to keep her treasure from them. She’s a fast learner, picks things up easily and is very persistent and will do anything that is asked of her. She’s a girly-girl and will wear ties and clips in her hair without taking them out for days. Naya has the famous PON-smile and grins from ear to ear when called. She finished her AKC Championship in September 2012 and has since been cut short into a puppy cut, as her coat is incredibly thick, plush and soft but difficult to maintain- even for me. Naya has a deep bark and sounds like a roaring lion, yet she’s the softest girl you can imagine.  CH White Star’s Skyy’s The Limit   “Naya”

Lua is the baby of our family. She’s a constant form of entertainment, the most comical, goofy and

animated dog I have ever come across. She is clumsy and lacks hand-eye coordination, she fell of off

every agility obstacle we tried, she gets stuck under furniture and whimpers for help, only to get stuck

again trying to retrieve a toy a few minutes later. She enjoys playing all by herself, tossing a ball in the

air and chasing it down the hall, but is great at a game of fetch as well, oftentimes beating everyone

else to it. She is the only PON I’ve ever owned that tries to groom you. She is very obedient and smart,

but naughty at the same time. She is very vocal and has an array of grunts and tones she uses to attract

our attention. Lua finished her AKC championship at less than 18 months of age in August 2013. By

2018 Lua calmed down considerably and became a lazy dog- who is still ball crazy, but prefers to lounge

around all day, that is until dinner is served or the mailman comes around. She is the favorite dog of our

3 year old twin boys Sam&Ben and they crawl all over her, pull on her hair, yet she continually seeks out

their attention, chases with them and brings them her ball for a game of fetch. She watches over our

baby Emma, snuggles with her and won’t let any other dog near her- she’s a great babysitter!

CH Ponavie Kahlua On The Rocks StarPons  “Lua”

Dorothy-Dot came to me from Poland in May of 2010. She is mischievous and naughty in a cute way. She has selective hearing and competitive streak, oftentimes sneaks a tennis ball in her mouth out of the house without permission or steals them from other dogs at the park and brings home stolen goods. She jumps in every creek and puddle she comes across, particularly on days after she gets groomed. Dottie is very independent and would go home with anyone that has a ball or bacon to offer. She enjoys motherhood and is overly attentive to her puppies, but she’s too nice to correct them and leaves the task to me. A game of fetch is her favorite, we hardly ever see her without a ball in her mouth, you could call her “ball obsessed”. She has an ongoing feud with one of the cats, who loves other PONs, except for Dot. Dottie quickly finished her AKC Championship in October 2011 after just a few months in the show ring and is very grateful not to have to sit on the grooming table too much anymore. She loves snow and trips to Tahoe- and usually refuses to get in the car to come home at the end of the weekend. CH Zagadka Z Wielgowa  “Dottie” The home of quality Polish Lowland Sheepdogs Ponavie PONs Our dogs

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